A Real Estate Investment Corporation

Medical Centers

Located in Florida and Tennessee

The Kurtell Medical Center

Vero Beach, Florida

The Kurtell Medical Center is located almost adjacent to the Indian River Memorial Hospital and is the flagship of the company's medical facilities. This sprawling project covers over nine acres and contains 124,600 square feet under roof. It has just shy of 250 inside parking spaces plus an equal number outdoors.

This medical center services over 3000 patients daily, who are attended to by 465 employees as well as 70 physicians who practice here. Formerly known as The Indian River Medical Center, it is the largest non-hospital medical facility on the Treasure Coast.

The Mark-Lena Center

Vero Beach, Florida

This beautiful gem was built by our company on a main thoroughfare connecting the city of Vero Beach, Florida to its beaches. It is graced by a lovely lake fronting 350 feet of modern architecture.

Named after the company's owner/founder's parents Mark and Lena Wallach, it is one of the prides of Vero Beach. Twenty foot high fountains rise out of the lake making this an edifice to behold and is often marvelled at by passers-by.

The Orlando Surgery Center

Orlando, Florida

Almost in the heart of Orlando and close by the famed Florida Hospital, The Orlando Surgery Center is a busy and flourishing center for outpatient surgery, as hundreds of surgeries are performed here every month.

The Orlando Surgery Center is considered to be one of the outstanding facilities of its kind in central Florida.

Murdock Medical Center

Port Charlotte, Florida

The Murdock Medical Center houses the largest medical practice in Charlotte Country. 10 physicians practice a variety of specialties here, along with 200 employees. This facility is extremely diverse and complete with an M.R.I. and has an imaging center.

In the past year, 37,000 patients were treated at Murdock Medical Center.

The Harbor Blvd. Twin Buildings I & II

Port Charlotte, Florida

The "Harbor" Buildings, located in Port Charlotte, Florida, are a set of twins located immediately across from St. Joseph's Hospital in this lovely southwest resort Hamlet.

St. Joseph's, as it has long been known, is a busy community hospital serving much of the southwest coast.

The "Twins" house many of the medical staff in their private offices, leased by the hospital.

Cool Springs Medical Center

Franklin, Tennessee

The Cool Springs building houses the largest independent surgery center in the state of Tennessee. It is located in the heart of Franklin, an upscale community in Nashville, Tennessee. The surgery center is operated by the Symbion Corporation. Vanderbuilt University is the largest tenant of the magnificent glass and C.B.S. structure.

This building also includes a parking garage that houses over 100 automobiles and is located under the first floor.

Baptist Bellevue Medical Center

Bellevue, Tennessee

On the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee is the community of Bellevue. This is a medium income "commonwealth", both thriving and growing. In the heart of Bellevue, Baptist Hospital, built the Bellevue Medical Center. It is likely the outstanding structure in the area comprising over 41,000 square feet of the latest medical technology.

Presently, plans are being drawn to expand its overall size to 64,000 square feet

1909 Mallory Building

Franklin, Tennessee

The 1909 Mallory Building is recognized as one of the finest medical facilities in greater Nashville, Tennessee. Prime Kurtell Properties acquired the edifice from the Baptist Hospital Group.

This center, as well as almost all Kurtell medical facilities, now enjoys, as it has from the acquisition, full occupancy of all facilities.

The building stands out as a model in the industry.

Harpeth Medical Plaza

Nashville, Tennessee

The Harpeth Medical Plaza is located on the main intersection of Granny White and Old Hickory Road in greater Nashville's Brentwood community.

The property sits in the heart of the most expensive residential real estate in central Tennessee. Magnificent architecture highlights its beauty and utility, serving this very upper class neighborhood.

Lebanon Medical Plaza

Lebanon, Tennessee

This lovely medical facility is in the heart of Lebanon, Tennessee, a short distance from the city of Nashville. As an outstanding edifice, it serves the Lebanon community with the latest in high-tech medical arts.

The Lebanon Medical Plaza must be considered to be one of the premiere facilities in the eastern outlying area of Nashville, Tennessee.

Edmondson Pike Professional Blvd.

Nashville, Tennessee

This beautifully built edifice in Nashville, Tennessee borders Brentwood. Its architecture and decor make it one of greater Nashville's finest midsize office centers.

​Both medical and other professionals practice at this fine building.